If you have been looking for an account that keeps pace with an evolving financial landscape, then Infinity ClubCards membership is for you. Infinity ClubCards bridges the gap between traditional and crypto currencies, so you can make payments anywhere, anytime.

Infinity ClubCards gives you 24/7 access to our professional, multi–language concierge team. All requests, large or small, are handled with care and efficiency.

As a Infinity ClubCards member, you will benefit from exceptional rates and VIP attention, for multiple products and services, from our network of exclusive partners.  

We give you preferential access to unique privileges that money can’t always buy. Be a part of exceptional events or enjoy breath taking encounters with nature.  



Let us source and book your luxury vacations, we will help you plan your itinerary and take care of the reservations, while you enjoy your adventures at favorable market rates.


Gain access to unique and high demand experiences. Attend glamorous red-carpet events, swim with dolphins and turtles, get a private box or VIP tickets for sell-out shows. If you need an adrenaline rush, let us book you a gravity defying spin in a fighter jet, or an exhilarating ride with a professional formula one driver at legendary racetracks across the globe.


Whether you need a super yacht, private jet or by rail on the Orient-Express, we make it happen. We can arrange VIP car rentals, helicopter transfers or just about any mode of transport you desire. You will also benefit from discounts on business and first-class flights as well as favourable rates on other luxury transport. If you don’t want to be in the driving seat, we will provide you with professional crew.


Get the prime seats at major sporting events. Drink champagne in the pits at Formula One races, Enjoy Pink Gin and strawberries in front row seats while Nadal and Federer own the courts of the US Open. If you prefer something more physical, rub shoulders with Royalty while you stomp the divots on the polo fields, or do a round of golf on the fairways of the Hong Kong Golf Club.



If you don’t have the time to shop, we can find that designer watch you spotted on a celebrity’s arm, or help you purchase your wardrobe for a night out or an exclusive beach or ski holiday. We can shop for furniture for your new home, co-ordinate designers and hire professional services.


Business and personal event management If you need to plan an event, whether it’s an exclusive home dinner party or a massive corporate launch, we can do it all for you. Let us give you design ideas for the décor, source the venue and set up the catering. We manage both private and corporate events. All you need to do is arrive.


Health and wellness services Access fabulous spas and treatment centres when you need a break. We can also help you source the best doctors and health professionals wherever you are in the world. From beauty treatments, plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry, we can source the best professionals to suit your needs.


VIP dining Having trouble getting a table at your favourite restaurant? Access our VIP dining and restaurant booking service to ensure you get the seat with a view. Exclusive reservations for the Chef’s table or your own private dining area. Staying in? get a Michelin Star chef to create a feast in your home.


Preferential event access Get premium tickets for events, theatres and concerts. Impress your friends with a private box or get up close and personal with your favourite bands and performers. Get a back-stage pass or VIP access to an event and arrive in style with a limousine and chauffer and even a bodyguard if needed. 


Relocation services Moving to a new location? Whether it’s a simple city move or an international relocation, we can help you access the services you will need to ensure your move is stress free. We can help with the setting up of bank accounts, legal issues, passports, licences, immigration and emigration services. 



As a concierge and lifestyle management service, we want to make your life run effortlessly. We use our in-depth knowledge, experience and contacts to source the best products and services for you. We can save you time, money and frustration by helping you plan, design or organize virtually any event or activity. Our network has been built over many years so we can give you access to many products and services at exclusively low rates, potentially saving you thousands every year.

Simply contact our concierge through the Infinity ClubCards desktop portal where you can send a request directly to the team. Alternatively, you can email your request or use the chat service within the app. Please email your request to [email protected]

No, Infinity ClubCards membership gives you access to all financial products and services, as well as the concierge team. Infinity ClubCards is designed to make your life easier by merging an alternative bank account that accommodates both crypto and traditional currencies, with lifestyle services and rewards.

There are seven different levels of membership available. To see the different levels, click here

We accommodate a large variety of requests, from sourcing a puppy for a child’s birthday to hiring a Super Yacht for a trip in the Mediterranean. Private jets, business class flights and holiday/hotel bookings are high on the list of most used services. There are very few requests that we can’t fulfill, so we welcome them all.

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